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By: Babylyn Damagon, CPA

Audit Services

Few days from now the deadline for the submission of Audited Financial Statements and Annual Income Tax Returns is right in front of us. To my fellow auditors, welcome to another busy season!

For some, thGPP Team's 2015 audit season.e overtime alone is a nightmare, but for us, the sleepless nights, the layering eye bags, the unlimited coffee and midnight snacks, extra ordinary weight gain, postponed dinner and movie dates, cancelled weekend getaways, spacing out and the last minute adjustments are just part of the normal things that come along with the most awaited season of the auditors.

This is my fifth audit season, and I’m still not used to the busy season’s “rush hours”, (with all fairness to myself, I greatly improved in dealing with those things compared to my first audit season). Not all audit seasons are the same for me. There are different circumstances that make the audit season feels like my first time, like new client, new management, new working environment, and new issues which are challenging enough to push my professional brain cells to its highest level.

Pressure is a normal feel that can be picked up from different sources during this season of the year in an auditor’s life. It may come from a boss who wants to check your work in progress, a colleague who needs your help or a client who expects us to deliver even the audited financial statements ASAP, given a trial balance sent few days before or even the night before the deadline or right after sending dozens of last minutes CAJEs?

During these moments I am convincing myself that this will be my last busy season and even prepared my draft resignation letter dated just right after April 15. I even made it as my desktop background so I will be reminded everytime I open my laptop. Timehop and memories in my facebook also remind me of my previous posts during the audit season and let me reminisce those times.

Admit it or not, your world is like a drifting iceberg under the sun. Your emotion is pouring and your tears are falling unreasonably even due to a simple…..printer error.

Whew! One time, I had the urge to throw my laptop out of the window and watch it drop down from the 23rd floor until I hear the crashing sounds when it reaches the ground. That seems satisfying release of the overflowing emotions boxed around me while under the state of pressure.

We may say things like giving up, I’m resigning, I don’t want to do this anymore, why did I even become an auditor, or why accountancy? But deep inside I’m sure, we are enjoying it. We are driven, we are learning a lot of new practical things not written in the books, we love the challenge, the adrenaline rush, we anticipate problems to arise and pretty much challenged to resolve them, we like working alongside our fellow auditors, we make fun with each other while taking pictures of them sleeping and drooling. At the end, these happy times remain and prompt us to stay for a little longer until the next audit season.

To the new and experienced auditors, just enjoy the audit season, work out the issues with your superiors and friends, and don’t be overwhelmed with the deadlines and stress. We do have our own ways to cope up, so in the end, we’ll all surpass this audit season with flying colours just like the previous ones.

Of course, we auditors are not only anticipating the deadline just lurking around the corner, but we are also looking forward to simple rewards each of our team will be granting us in a form of company outing and few days vacation leave for travel getaways. There were seat sales offered around the web, and I’m pretty much sure that you’ve booked some flights after the busy season.




About the writer:

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Babylyn is currently the Engagement Quality Reviewer of G. Pagaspas Partners & Co., CPAs and has been an auditor for almost five years. She has gained experiences from various industries such as Manufacturing, Casino and Gaming, Airline & Aviation, Business Process Outsourcing and Non-stock Non-profit organization. Other than audit, Babylyn loves hiking to various mountains in the country and one of her greatest achievements is reaching the summit of  Mt. Apo.