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Business Advisory

We make our team visible to assist our client optimize opportunities from operational strengths and identify areas for improvement to create more operational savings.

  • Risk Management

Every organization faces different type of risks that could be detrimental to the business operation. Through proper risk management system, organization can reduce if not eliminate the risks into an acceptable level.

As your business advisers, we provide assistance in identifying, assessing and ranking the different kind of risks. We will help the management create appropriate strategies that will minimize the risk impact on the business.

  • Internal Audit

The presence of strong internal control within the company could help the management saves significant amount of resources from fraud, error and even penalties from non-compliance.

Our internal audit methodology does not only focus in one area, but rather give emphasis on the holistic perspective of the company. The internal audit methodology that we developed helps the company meet its objectives as we help our clients’ business improve its risk management system, internal control and governance process.

  • Accounting Policy & Procedure Manual

Common problem encountered by companies is the absence of accounting policies and accounting manual that their finance team can use as reference for their finance function. The accounting system becomes more people dependent rather than a stand alone system that will  the help the organization to survive despite of the high employee turn-over.

We help companies come up with a firm accounting procedures and policy that serves as the guidance of the finance team in their day to day function.

  • Business Restructuring

Business structure plays a significant role in the success of the company. Huge losses experienced by some businesses are due to the absence of the good structure that can help them maximize business opportunities through the following means:

1. Attainment of the business objectives through proper coordination of the inter related businesses;

2. Avoidance of the overlapping business operations; and

3. A tool for an effective business planning.

  • Business Valuation Review

For business people, their business investment is  viewed as one of the valuable assets that they possess. However, common mistakes of the people engagement in business is the assumption that the value of their business is higher than the real value. Missing out the real value of the the business could lead to a missed out efficient and effective business strategy.