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Tax Compliance

Tax authorities are becoming strict in tax administration making tax compliance more of a business mandate. As tax advisors, we alert our clients for the current tax developments to maximize opportunities and increase awareness on the requirements.

Ensuring tax compliance

The best way to save taxes is to comply. Our technical tax team will assist you ensure compliance with the existing tax laws, rules, and regulations and would be pleased to assist you in any of the following variations of services:

  • Tax  returns preparation where we prepare tax returns and reports based on your company’s books of accounts and other accounting records;
  • Tax compliance review where we review and comment on the tax returns and reports prior to filing to ensure that the same complies with the technical requirements; and
  • Tax consultancy retainership where our technical team would share views and opinions on your concerns on tax applications, updates, and other tax rules necessary and proper for your transactions and operations.

Choose the type of professional service that fits your requirements and we will be please to discuss with you the details.

Tax Examination Assistance

During tax audit, tax assessment or investigation by the tax authority, our tax team will see to it that your rights as a taxpayer are being enforced and protected. We will study the allegations in the findings, advise you of its nature, provide you with remedies and assist you in handling the same until final resolution.

Securing tax registrations & incentives

Our tax team is exposed to handling registrations with the tax authority and other government agencies along with securing applicable tax incentives applicable to your operations such as income tax holiday and special tax regime with the investments promotion agencies in the Philippines.

Securing Tax refunds and tax credit certificates

Taxpayers are ought to pay what is legally due, and payment beyond is subject to tax refund. Our technical tax team would be pleased to assist you in securing tax refund and tax credit certificate.  We have familiarized our selves with the rules, the processes, and procedures along with the practical approaches to assist you in your application for tax refund in the Philippines.

Expatiate taxation 

Being a foreigner in Philippines land is not a problem. Our tax team will guide you on how taxes would apply to your salaries and wages as an expatriate employee in the Philippines, and could do well your tax returns for filing with the tax authorities.

Securing Tax Authority’s Rulings and Interpretations

During uncertain times having a doubt on how the Tax Code provisions should be interpreted and applied, our tax team could conduct for you a tax study, make recommendations, and if necessary, secure in your behalf a confirmatory ruling or interpretation of the tax authority on your circumstances.

Transfer pricing documentation

Related parties are required to apply arm’s length transactions in their dealing, and document the same to justify such pricing. Our tax team will assist your company in the proper documentation to justify and substantiate your transfer pricing in the Philippines.

Company Tax Manual preparations

For a ready and easy reference on ensuring your company’s continuing tax compliance, our team could prepare in your behalf a comprehensive and easy to use tax manual with details about the company’s operations, tax treatments on implications of transactions, required reports, and applicable references.